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Okanagan Firestorm Cheerleading is more than just another team your child plays on. All-star cheerleading is a sport that exemplifies “Teamwork” and we believe passionately that through hard work, dedication and a positive, supportive environment, all of our members, no matter the age or ability, will gain skills that can be applied to any aspect of their life.

We strive to help our athletes discover personal excellence by providing the opportunity to develop social and emotional skills in respect, trust, leadership, commitment, responsibility, independence, class and teamwork while encouraging a high level of athleticism.  


Practices & Training

At Okanagan Firestorm Cheerleading, we strive to provide an environment that surrounds our athletes with positive role models and encourages the value of hard work, goal setting, dedication and commitment. 

Each child and teenager will learn to take pride in their personal, unique contributions to their team while also recognizing and valuing the unique contributions of those around them.  


Competition & Performance

Okanagan Firestorm Cheerleading is a proud member of the BC Cheer Association.  The BCCA is there to promote and develop athleticism and safety in the sport of Cheerleading in BC.  

Okanagan Firestorm is also the host for the Okanagan Cheerleading Championships.  This event is held locally at the UBC Okanagan Campus in Kelowna.  

Additional competitions include annual events in BC’s Lower Mainland, BC’s Interior, Alberta, and the Unites States of America.  In 2019 OK Firestorm sent a team to compete in Orlando Florida and Las Vegas Nevada. 


Collaboration In Sport

The Firestorm Family is excited to host the annual retreat for Vancouver All Star Cheer’s Black Out and Ice Queens.  Blackout and Ice Queens teams are World’s competitive teams and travel around to competitions all over the globe, including some hosted right here in BC.  

This provides a unique opportunity for the two teams to spend quality time bonding during a much needed retreat, as well as provides a chance to the OK Firestorm athletes to spend some one-on-one time experiencing training and mentoring from highly skilled teams.

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Proud and Active Member of the BC Cheerleading Association