What Is All Star Cheer?

All Star cheer is one of the fastest growing sports in Canada and internationally. Combining the
competitive aspects of sport such as strength, power, flexibility, endurance, fitness and mental fortitude, cheer also offers a variety of disciplines (such as dance and gymnastics) in a fun and dynamic environment. Athletes also develop leadership and communication skills while gaining body awareness, self esteem and positive friendships. Athletes develop skills in tumbling, jumps, dance, stunting, performance and teamwork in competitive and non competitive situations. The gaps of gender and ability are also bridged with boys and girls able to compete together on teams and special needs and parent programs being introduced in some gyms.  In 2013 Cheerleading gained international sport recognition by the Olympic committee and is now headed towards an Olympic debut!  

All Star Cheerleading in BC is governed by the BC Cheerleading Association who is an active member of Cheer Canada.  In addition to training in local programs, athletes who progress in the sport are able to tryout for the opportunity to represent our country on one of our national teams.

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Team Canada

Age Groups (IASF)

Tiny: Ages 3-6
Mini: Ages 5-8 

Youth: Ages 8-11
Junior: Ages 8-14  

International Open:  Ages 14+

Senior: Ages 13-18 (11 -18 for '19/'20)
Open: Ages 17+ 

Masters: Ages 19+

Picking A Team That Is Right For Your Athlete

Finding the right team to have your athlete progress on their own personal skills while being an important role in a team is no easy task.  Our Programs offer multiple levels of skills that that make it easy for every athlete to find a perfect fit. 

Cheer Canada Takes Over


Cheer Canada Announced The Canadian Governing Body For Cheerleading

Cheer Canada was announced to be the governing body for Cheerleading in Canada since the world wide recognition and sport acceptance.  This exciting opportunity will pave the way for additional funding and scholarships for individuals and teams across the country.

There is so much is on the horizon for Cheer in Canada! While things are moving in a positive direction, it’s not going to come without changes! Cheer Canada is moving to the IASF score card and has made some major changes to the current level system which has increased the skills available withing the current levels.

Additionally with the sport recognition and acceptance, this has opened up the door for funding options available to families in a similar fashion to minor hockey or little league baseball.  This now allows for more athletes to have access to the sport where it might not have been the case previously.

Cheerleading Is 2024


Provisional Recognition Into Olympics - What Does This Mean?

All-Star cheerleading received provisional recognition from the International Olympic Committee in December of 2016.  This announcement puts cheerleading into the running to become a part of the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. (The New York Times - Dec. 6, 2016)

The International Cheer Union will receive at least $25,000 annually from the International Olympic Committee (IOC), with the possibility of additional grants, to be used towards show casing the sport.  This period can last for three years where at any time the IOC can vote to fully recognize the sport.  The International Cheerleading Union will then need to petition to be included, at which point if approved, cheerleading becomes and official Olympic Sport.