Coaches & Support



Each of our coaches and volunteers are committed to leading our athletes by example to help everyone build pride in our “Firestorm Family”.

Combined between the coaches, Okanagan Firestorm has over three quarters of a century of cheerleading, choreography, tumbling and technical experience.

All of our coaches are highly qualified and knowledgeable in the areas of which they train.  They are required to attend regular training sessions, keep their BCCA Coaching credentials up to date, have current criminal record checks,  and hold a minimum of a level 1 First Aid and CPR certification, as well as AACCA certifications in concussion identification. 


Office Support & Volunteers

We are people passionate about cheerleading, youth and our community

Our office support team is the backbone of the organization to keep seamless flow of information between Athletes, Parents, and the coaching Staff.

Volunteers are an integral part of our family and the success of our teams.  From Team Moms to event helpers, our volunteers are a critical role in the collaboration of teams at events and behind the scenes. 

Our Management

Nikki Parrotta - Owner/Coach


  • Background - 19 years in cheer, 17 years coaching, 6 years BC Cheer Judge. 18 years in Dance.
  • Certified teacher BA and BED, with focus in curriculum design.
  • Additional training in dance move and therapy.
  • BC Cheerleading Association All Star Director. Received recognition as the 2012 BC Leading Edge Coach of the Year. 
  • Certified level 5 cheer coach.  
  • Categories - Stunting, Choreography and Dance
  • Specialty - Communication and motivation of youth to make cheer accessible to all ability levels.

Pete Parrotta - Owner/Coach


  • Background - 26 year in cheer, 23 coaching cheer
  • Certifies in special education (CEA) 
  • Coached in Canada, USA, and Barbados.
  • BC Cheer Association credentialing examiner
  • Competed as an Athlete in Canada, USA, and Japan. Attended the Worlds with the first team representing BC
  • Attended University of Hawaii on  a  Cheerleading scholarship
  • Certified level 5 cheer coach, accredited in level 6
  • Categories - Tumbling, Upper level and co-ed stunting, and routine cleaning 
  • Specialty - being a gym wide motivator and advocate for safety in all aspects of our sport.

Jenn Donetz - Office Staff


  • Background - 13 Years as a cheer mom, team mom, gym mom.

Our Coaches

Ashley Stephenson - Coach


  • Background - 12 years in Cheer, 9 coaching
  • Pursuing a degree in Education at UBC Okanagan
  • Certified Level 3 cheer coach
  • Category - Stunting, Choreo, Indy Choreography
  • Specialty - improving stunt technique, flyer strength and dace choreography.

Demi Kouwenhoven - Coach


  • Background - 12 years in Cheer, 9 coaching, 9 years teaching Dance
  • Certified teacher with Royal Academy of Dance
  • Certified Level 3 cheer coach
  • Category - Dance, Tumbling, group conditioning
  • Specialty - Combining training from Dance into Cheer to utilize techniques for better posture and body alignment.

Marika Fujisawa - Coach


  • Background - 14 years in Cheer, 11 coaching 
  • Pursuing a degree in Nursing at UBC Okanagan
  • Certified Level 3 cheer coach
  • Category - Tumbling, conditioning, and Stunting (up to level 6)
  • Specialty - Technique with skills in all categories, and group conditioning.

Caoilfhinn McGinnty - Coach


  • Background - 8 years in Cheer, 7 years coaching, 9 years in gymnastics, 2 coaching 
  • Certified Level 3 cheer coach, Trained Cheerleading Judge
  • Category - Tumbling, conditioning & overall technique
  • Specialty -  Tumbling & technique, jumps and flyer training

Ana Donetz - Coach


  • Background - 13 years in Cheer, 6 coaching 
  • Certified Level 2 cheer coach
  • Category - Dance and tumbling
  • Specialty - Technique improvement and cleaning routines

Tara Domonkos - Coach


  • Background - 10 years in Cheer, 7 coaching 
  • Certified Level 2 cheer coach
  • Category - Dance and tumbling
  • Specialty - Confidence building in new and younger athletes for skills to make them shine in sport and in life.