Value The Power Of The F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M.

Family, Integrity, Responsibility,


Excellence, Self-confidence, Teamwork


Optimism, Respect, Maturity


2018/2019 OKF Family


What Program Is Right For Your Athlete?

International Competitive


This is a try out based team whose age group varies per year based on successful athlete selection. 



Athletes compete at 4 - 6 competitions a year between BC and Alberta. 

Semi-Competitive (Prep)


Athletes compete at 3 competitions a year in BC.  One in Richmond, one in Vancouver and one in Kelowna



Athletes compete at 2 competitions a year in BC.  One in Vancouver and one in Kelowna



10 week session with performance on last session for friends and family.  Spring and Fall sessions.

Tot Sized


Once a week tot sized session held on Friday Mornings

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New athletes to the gym will require to take part in a skills assessment to help ensure the athlete is placed on a team best suited for their skill development and overall team dynamic.  Returning athlete's are placed into a team based on skills demonstrated during May. 

We will always place according to what is in the best interest of a team to build an evenly matched group who will be strong in practice and competition.

Emphasis will be placed on maximizing and perfecting our current skills while building our skills for progressions into the next level. We will not accelerate an athlete or team into a level they are not ready for or where they will struggle to meet competition standards just so they can be with their friends, try harder skills or have a convenient carpool. Our athlete’s safety and success is our number one focus.

Our Parent Team


Athletes compete for fun and bragging rights at 2 competitions a year in BC.  One in Vancouver and one in Kelowna.